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TrueBlue computer glasses are the ONLY blue light filtering glasses that can provide sufficient eye protection caused by continued exposure to blue light, specifically the 445nm wavelength that is most frequently distributed from electronic light sources.

One of the most pervasive features of modern life is pervasiveness of blue light.  Blue light follows us everywhere - a computer screen, tablet, TV, lighting - the amount to which we are exposed to screens has multiplied in recent years.  Yet it may not be beneficial to our overall health.

Blue light exposure produces the short-term phenomenon of “veiled glare” which may result in vision irritation. Blink rates are also reduced when staring at a computer screen or other digital screen, resulting in burning eyes, itchy eyes, dry eyes, sore eyes, Computer Vision Syndrome, Digital Eye Strain, vision fatigue, and headaches.  Ophthalmologists have even linked it to long term diseases like macular degeneration.  Blue light exposure at night suppresses melatonin production and hinders sleep, which leads to poor health outcomes like obesity, diabetes, and cancer. 

Ensure the best protection for your eyes and your health today by wearing some of our computer glasses.

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*TrueBlue lenses are plano (non-prescription) lenses. If you wear prescription lenses you can still protect your eyes with fit-over styles.

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