We see:

  • Emerging problem blue light
  • Detrimental effects of blue light are increasing from constant exposure
  • As baby boomers age more people suffers from Macular Degeneration that ultimately impacts their vision
  • Inadequate focus on eye care until we begin to suffer from eye problems
  • Lack of proactive approach to eye health
  • Upcoming epidemic of blindness for Y and Z generations
  • Children are at most risk because of early exposure and lack of protection

We strive to:

  • Provide convenient access to eye information and products
  • Educate society about the increasing risk of HEV light to the eyes
  • Increase awareness to preserve and prevent eye damage
  • Offer resources on eye-related technological advances

We know:

  • 70% of eye damage is done before ages of 18
  • 85% of moms acknowledge they entertain their kids with electronics
  • 90% of teenagers use computers
  • Over 170 million people worldwide suffer from Macular Degeneration, more than all cancers and alzheimer's combined
  • We spend more than 10 hours a day exposed to digital devices
  • 70% of adults suffer from digital eye strain

We would love:

  • To end unnecessary blindness!

At The Macula Store our mission is to positively impact the eye health of society by delivering a network of the highest level of eye care information, products and technologies.

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