Do you suffer from dry eyes or sore eyes after looking at a computer or other digital screen?  

TrueBlue lenses are a blue light filter that can provide relief from dry eyes or sore eyes caused by continued exposure to blue light.

Blue Light Filtering Lenses




What can cause dry eyes and sore eyes?

Looking at a computer screen and digital device is harmful to our eyes. The light coming from a LCD or LED screen or fluorescent and LED light contains a large amount of blue light.

Blue light exposure produces the short-term phenomenon of "veiled glare" which may result in vision irritation. Blink rates are also reduced when staring at a computer screen or other digital screen. Veiled glare and reduced blink rates result in dry eyes, burning eyes, itchy eyes, sore eyes, Computer Vision Syndrome, fatigue and headaches.

Why does a blue light filter help?

A blue light filter reduces the harmful blue light that negatively impacts our eye health and overall health.  By reducing reflected light emitted by a computer screen or other digital screen and glare coming from a LCD and LED screen or fluorescent and LED light, there is less stress as light passes through the lens of the eye. This reduces dry eyes, sore eyes, and Computer Vision Syndrome. 

TrueBlue lens technology features the "Photo-Stress" lens to filter blue light, reducing vision fatigue referred to as "Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome" and protects the eye's retina.

Wearing glasses with a proper blue light filter is the way to alleviate dry eyes or sore eyes! 

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