Blue Light Filtering Sunglasses

Blue light filtering sunglasses protect your eyes from naturally occurring blue light, protecting eyes and drastically reducing glare.  

TrueBlue blue light filtering sunglasses are the only sunglasses that not only block 100% of UV light, but also fully protect your eyes with superior blue light protection. Blue light from the sun can actually be more damaging to your retina than UV (ultraviolet) light, which is filtered by your eye's lens.  Across the spectrum of blue light (400-500nm) TrueBlue blue light filtering sunglasses offer the best protection. 

Blue light is a leading contributor to macular degeneration, the foremost cause of blindness, which affects more people than all cancers and Alzheimer's combined.  Studies have shown that unprotected exposure to sunlight for more than two hours a day between the ages of 20 to 60 increases risk of developing sight threatening macular degeneration by 500%.

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